Install WordPress at PCextreme

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If you have a hostingplan with PCX you can install CMS systems like WordPress. In this step-by-step guide we’ll explain how to install WordPress on your hosting package.


Step 1: Download WordPress

You can download the latest version of WordPress here. After you’ve downloaded this .zip file, you can unpack it on your hard drive. We’re going to need these files later.

Step 2: Requirements

To install WordPress you need login details for your FTP account and your database. You can find these by going to Products & Services and select Webhosting in the Hosting Solutions (new) tab.

Selecting your Webhosting package will direct you to the overview page.

Database credentials:

The overview page allows access to your existing databases, or create a new one. You can access your database by selecting it, or create a new one by clicking on the “Add new database”. You’ll need the following details to install WordPress: 

  • Name of your database (You can find this under the database tab)
  • Hostname
  • Database user
  • Database user password  (You can alter it by clicking the padlock icon)

FTP credentials:

When you’re ready, go back to the overview page. Here you can select the webspace in which you want to install WordPress (named in the image below). 

On the following page you will first see the Webspace details. Remember the User Details and its password under the User Details tab. Next, scroll down to find the backend details. Remember the backend hostname displayed under SSH and FTP access. We will need this data to access Filezilla.

Step 3: Uploading

Remember those files you’ve unpacked from the .zip-file? We’re going to need a FTP-client to upload these files to your Webhosting package. For this guide we’re going to use the free FTP-client, Filezilla. To connect this software to your package you need the files you’ve gathered in step 2.

After connecting to Filezilla, upload the WordPress files to your Webhosting package (you need the actual files inside of the WordPress folder in the .zip file). Place these files directly into the www folder of your webhosting package.

If you have followed the steps correctly, your Filezilla screen should look like this: 

Step 4: Installing

You’re now ready to install WordPress. To do this, simply go to your domain in any browser, after which you’ll be greeted by the following screen: 

Fill in the database credentials you’ve gathered in step 2. The tableprefix  can be left blank, this is only necessary for multiple WordPress sites in 1 single database. When you’ve entered your details, you can start building your WordPress site.


We advise to install the Really Simple SSL plugin which directs all traffic through an encrypted https:// connection. You can install this plugin through WordPress itself.

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