Installing website applications at Versio with Softaculous

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Web hosting and reseller hosting packages come with DirectAdmin and Softaculous. Softaculous is part of DirectAdmin. This allows you to install a website script with just a few clicks, without any technical knowledge.

Before you can install a script, it is important that the domain on which you want to install the website is linked to a web hosting package. The domain can be found online with a standard page with the text “welcome to the home of”. Now you can proceed with the installation of the desired application.

Installing an application via Softaculous

In this example, we will show you how to install WordPress on a domain name. You can also use this instruction if you want to install Joomla, Magento, or one of the many other applications.

Step 1: Login to DirectAdmin;

Step 2: Click on your domain name, if you have multiple domain names linked to this hosting package. If you have only one domain name linked, the main page of DirectAdmin will be displayed immediately and you can skip this step;

Step 3: At the bottom of the page, you will find the button Softaculous Auto Installer under Advanced features. Click on the link to open Softaculous;

Step 4: On this page you will find all the applications you can install. Click on WordPress and press Install;

Step 5: Now you can set up the installation. You will see the following here;

Depending on the selected application, the settings of the installation may differ. For WordPress you see the following topics:

  • Choose protocol: You can set this by default at http: // or http: // www. If an SSL certificate is already installed, you can choose https: //. Note: without an SSL certificate actually pre-installed, you cannot install on https.
  • Choose domain: Here you select the domain on which you want to install WordPress.
  • In directory: If you do not want to install WordPress on the main domain, but in a folder (for example, enter your blog here. If you want to install WordPress on the main domain, leave this field empty. It is recommended to choose the latest version.
  • Site name: Enter a name for the WordPress website.
  • Site description: Here you enter a description for the WordPress website.
  • Enable multisite (WPMU): Leave this function blank. If you want to use the same WordPress for multiple domain names, you can enable this.
  • Admin account: Here you enter the data with which you want to log in to the WordPress website.
  • Language: Select the language of your WordPress installation.
  • Select plugins: Here you can select extra plugins with which you get extra options within the WordPress website.
  • Advanced options: You do not need to change these settings. Here you can, for example, set the database name or database prefix. If desired, you can also set that WordPress will be automatically updated.

Step 6: Click on Install. The installation will be performed.

Step 7: The installation is complete and the application will be shown in the overview all installations. The website can be opened by clicking on your domain name. Lastly, click on the wp-admin link to open the WordPress admin page.

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