Access your PCextreme account when you lost the credentials

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If you are a customer of PCextreme you have access to a personal customer panel. When you lose the login credentials you need to reset these. Because of data protection laws you need to follow some regulations to do this. This article explains everything you need to know. 

Table of contents

Forgotten password

In this case you can reset your password through the password reset page. Here you can enter the e-mail address you’ve registered your account with. A password reset link will be sent to this address.

Forgotten e-mail address

To retrieve your password you need the e-mail address that you are registered with. If you don't remember which one; we are not able to provide you with it. This is because of privacy laws.

  • Typically it is the same mailbox you receive your invoices and other mail from us;
  • If you contact us we can send a password reset;
  • A customer service agent can confirm the address if you mention it over the phone.

Change your e-mail

If you can't remember your e-mail or if you have no longer access to it; you can change your address to one that you do have access to. For this we need a couple of documents from you. Contact our customer service and provide us with:

Private account

  • A copy of a valid ID;
  • The new mail address
  • Your client number.

Note: You have to blur your portrait photo and social security number. Or we can not process your request.

Corporate account

  • A copy of a valid ID;
  • A document from the chamber of commerce;
  • Your client number;
  • The new mail address.


  • The social security number and portrait on the ID must be blurred out
  • The document from the chamber of commerce cannot be older than 3 months
  • The person on the ID must match the name on the document

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