Create an mail address on your hosting plan at PCX

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This step-by-step guide is meant for users with a Webhosting Package, in which you may create e-mail addresses and mail forwards.

Table of Contents

Where to find your e-mail functionality

When you’ve logged into our control panel, click the ‘Products & Services’ button, followed by the ‘Webhosting’ button to the left side of your screen.

You should see an overview page displaying all of your Webhosting packages. Select the one for which you’re trying to create an e-mail address.

You’ve now arrived at the Details page of your Webhosting package. Select the domain for which you’re trying to create an e-mail address under the ‘Mail domain’ header, displayed in blue text.

At the subsequent page you can create a new e-mail account, forward or set up catch-all functionality.

Creating an e-mail account

An e-mail account allows you to both send and receive e-mail. You may do so using our webmail client via, or use any mailclient of your choosing

Create your e-mail address by clicking ‘Add mail account’, encircled in red in the image below


You can create your e-mail address in the screen that pops up by filling in the field with any phrase you want. The text behind the ‘@’ symbol always represents your domain name.

Next, enter a new (secure) password for your e-mail address in the ‘mypassword’ field.

Finally, you are presented with the option to enable your e-mail address to send mail. This functionality is set to ‘On’ by default. In same cases it may be advisible to disable this option preemptively.

When you’ve entered your address and password, the ‘Add user’ button should turn green. Pressing this button will finish the creation process, and send you back to the overview page

Using your e-mail address

Now that you’ve created your brand-new e-mail address, you’d probably like to send and receive actual e-mails. This can be done in a multitude of ways. Here’s some useful guides to help you do so.

Creating a mail forward

Using a mail forward allows you to receive e-mails and automatically forward them to another address. It is not possible to send e-mail using a mail forward address.

To create your mail forward address click the ‘Add mail forward’ button encircled in blue in the image below

The pop-up screen allows you to create your new mail forward address

Fill in the name for the forward address in the ‘Source-email’ field (for example: “info”).

You may select one of two options under ‘Forward Type’, being ‘Under this domain’ or ‘To an external domain’

  • ‘Under this domain’ allows you to forward e-mail to another address which uses the same domain (for example: to
  • ‘To an external domain’ allows you to forward your e-mail to any other domain address (for example: to

Catch All settings

Catch-all settings allow you to determine what happens when mail is being sent to a non-existent e-mail address under your domain.

For security reasons there is no catch-all set up by default; e-mails that are sent to non-existent addresses will be returned to their senders, stating the fact that the address does not exist.

Please be aware that when a catch-all is set up, chances of receiving spam mails increase significantly

Should you want to configure a catch-all regardless, you can do so by selecting the ‘Configure catch-all for this domain’ button.

The subsequent pop-up screen allows you to configure your catch-all. There are 3 ways to do so: ‘Under this domain’, ‘To an external domain’ and ‘Black hole’.

  • ‘Under this domain’ allows you to deliver catch-all mails to an address under this domain.
  • ‘To an external domain’ allows you to forward catch-all mails to an external e-mail address (for example: a addres).
  • ‘Black hole’ hurls catch-all mails into a space-time bending swirling vortex of nothingness (not really, it just deletes any catch-all mail sent towards a non-existing address under your domain).

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