Transferring products to another Versio customer

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It is possible to transfer a product to another Versio customer. If you have an agreement to have a product transferred to you, you can request a push from the current owner. They will be able to accept this request from their customer account. In this article we will discuss how this works.

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Push request

A request is also called an internal push and you can do this for these products:

  • Domain names
  • Web hosting
  • Reseller hosting


Do you want to request a push to transfer a product to you? Then follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Mijn Versio;
  2. Go to My products and then to Domain names;
  3. Click on Push Management;
  4. Enter the domain name and click Request;
  5. The customer receives a message with your request;
  6. If they approve the request, the product will be transferred.

No response

If the other party does not respond to your request we can carry it out instead. We need the following information for this:

  • Copy of the letter or email (maximum 3 working days old) in which the agreement for the transfer is confirmed.
  • For a private holder: copy of holder's ID
  • For a business holder: copy of Chamber of Commerce extract (max. 3 months old) + copy ID proof of owner/chairman of the company.

NB: We cannot process the push if the documents do not show that the transfer was agreed upon by the current domain name holder.

Webhosting and resellers

The only way to push a web hosting product between two different customer accounts is to have the current owner agree through their customer panel. If this person or agency does not want to cooperate, you will have to resolve this with them yourself. Versio cannot mediate in this.

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