Linking a domain name to a Versio hosting account

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When creating a website, the first step is getting your domain name. Now you want to link this domain to a web hosting account. Linking a domain name to a web hosting account can be done in two ways. You can link the domain automatically in the customer panel or manually. We will explain both options below.


Automatic method - the easiest way!

To automatically link your domain name to your hosting account, you need to follow the following steps.

  1. Log in to the customer panel and left click on My products> domain names;
  2. Then click on Overview;
  3. Click the arrow to the right behind the domain you want to link;
  4. Select under link to web hosting account in the dropdown the web hosting account. 

Note: It takes up to 24 hours before the domain name refers to the hosting account anywhere on the internet.

Manual method

You can also choose to manually link the domain to your web hosting account. We explain how this works below.

  1. Log in to DirectAdmin and check to the right whether you are at the user level;
  2. Add the domain via domain setup or domain administration. It is best to leave bandwith and disk space on same as main account;
  3. Now you can change the nameservers of your domain. Is your domain registered with Versio? Click left on my products> domain names and then on overview. You will see a list of all your domain names; 
  4. Click the arrow to the right behind the domain you want to link;
  5. Then click on “set nameservers” behind the heading “nameservers”. You have received the name servers that you need to use in an e-mail from Versio.

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