When your Version hosting account is suspended

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Are you notified that your websites are 'Suspended'? This means that the domain names have been suspended and are no longer accessible. In this article we will discuss the possible causes step by step.

Can you still login to DirectAdmin?

Try to login to DirectAdmin. Have you lost your login details? If so, follow the steps at http://www.versio.uk/124-can-you-send-me-new-directadmin-details.

  • Yes: If you can login to DirectAdmin: you can unsuspend the domain names yourself. If you have a webhosting account, go to "Domain Administration" in DirectAdmin, tick the domain names and click "Unsuspend". If you have a reseller hosting account you can look up the domain names that are suspended and unsuspend them. It may be that a sub-user of your reseller hosting account has been suspended, after which you can suspend this sub-user. If you have not received a phone call or e-mail from Versio, please check whether the limits (disk space and data traffic) are configured properly for the domain names and users affected by this issue.
  • No: If you can no longer login to DirectAdmin: Your entire account has been taken offline by Versio. Read the possible causes below.

Did you renew your subscription?

Did you renew your webhosting or reseller hosting subscription on time? You can check this via your customer panel at https://www.secure.versio.nl/customer. If there are any expired subscriptions, you will see the option "Expired subscriptions" at the left side in your customer panel". By means of this button, you can view your expired subscriptions, and renew them when desired. The websites at your webhosting and reseller hosting accounts will be accessible again within about 30 minutes.

Violation of general conditions?

If your subscription has been renewed, it may also be that your webhosting or reseller account has been taken offline by Versio due to the violation of the general conditions of Versio. It may be that one of your websites is hacked and is sending spam, but it may also be that malware or other illegal content is being hosted in one of your websites. Versio will always notify the customer by sending an e-mail. You can respond to this e-mail to resolve the issue.

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