Managing DNS records at Versio

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If you own a domainname through Versio you can configure the DNS. In this article we explain how you can access and edit your DNS records.


Enabling DNS Management

Do you have a web hosting package at Versio?

  • Then you need to link the domain using this manual
  • Once it is linked you need to enable DNS management in DirectAdmin. For that you can use this manual. 
  • You can now log in to DirectAdmin and choose DNS management under the domain name where you can set the DNS records.

Do you only have a domain name at Versio?

Then you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your customer panel;
  2. Go to My products and select Domain names;
  3. Click on Overview and select the domain you want to manage;
  4. Enable DNS management

Configure DNS

Records Explained: A, CNAME, SRV and MX

  • A-records: Address (A) records associates a host name with a numeric IP address. You must put a dot after the host name, but not after the IP.
  • CNAME-records: CNAME allows a machine to be recognised by one or more host names. There should always be an A record first and it is known as a canonical, or official name. For example: A When using CNAME you can point other host names to the canonical (A record) address. For example: CNAME 
  • SRV RECORDS: SRV records allow a service to point to a specific address plus port. 
  • MX RECORDS: Services such as Office365 or Google apps for work require MX changes to be made for the email to work. This change allows mail destined for your domain to be directed to their server. 

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