Configuring the external mail server at Versio

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You can choose to have your e-mail delivered externally to a different e-mail provider. To this end, you must adjust the so-called MX record. The MX record determines where the e-mails of your domain name are delivered . You can change the MX record via the customer panel and via DirectAdmin.


Adjusting the MX record via the customer panel

Login to the customer panel and go to My products > Domain names > Overview. Then click on the arrow behind the domain and switch on DNS management. You are now taken to the overview of all your DNS records.

In the image above you will see two MX records. Under PR, you see two numbers, 10 and 20. This is the order of mail servers to which the mail is delivered. If the mail server with PR value 10 does not respond, the next MX record will automatically be attempted.

Your e-mail provider will give you an IP address to which the mail is to be delivered. You cannot configure it as MX record, you must first create an A record of this. The IP address of your mail server is for instance, in which case you change the A record to the IP address of the mail server.

Within 4 to 24 hours, the DNS will have been adjusted and your e-mail will be delivered externally.

Please note: if you activate DNS management it will automatically set all records to the parking nameservers These should all been adjust to the hosting package. If you don't enter these and disable DNS management without adjusting. The nameservers will be reset and you will have to reconnect the domain to the nameservers.

If the domain name has already been created in DirectAdmin and connected without the DNS management in your Versio customer panel, you must change a setting here. You have to let DirectAdmin know that the e-mail of this domain name is delivered externally. You can do this under the heading MX records in DirectAdmin.

If you do not see this, consult this article. Accordingly, uncheck use local mailserver:

The e-mail will now also be delivered externally by the server.

Adjusting the MX record via DirectAdmin

You can also adjust the MX record via DirectAdmin if you purchase a hosting package. You can do this under DNS Management in DirectAdmin. If you do not see this, consult this article.

Under DNS Management, create the same A record as in the customer panel. Please note that in DirectAdmin, a record must be followed by a "." if you write it in full:

Subsequently, remove the old Mail A record so there is just one

Don't forget to uncheck use local mailserver in DirectAdmin under MX Records as described above. If you adjust the MX records via DirectAdmin, the name servers of the hosting package must be configured for your domain name.

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