Free website transfer service at Versio

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A free website transfer service is included with every web hosting and reseller hosting package. The transfer service is valid up to 15 days after purchasing your new hosting package from Versio.


What does the transfer service include?

The free transfer service means that we move your existing website(s) from your previous hosting provider to Versio. We transfer your website files, any MySQL databases, e-mail addresses and associated e-mails to your web hosting or reseller hosting package at Versio. The number of days you can use this service is up to 15 days after purchasing your new hosting package at Versio.

We will determine in advance which data we are able move for you. It may not be possible to transfer e-mail addresses and associated e-mails. This depends on which hosting provider you are currently with. We will of course inform you about this and offer alternative methods to be able to transfer the e-mail addresses and associated e-mails.

Do you also want to transfer a domain? You can initiate this yourself via our website. When you provide us with the transfer code, we can also initiate this for you. There may be costs associated with transferring a domain name to Versio. This depends on the domain extension you want to transfer. You can find the domain name rates on this page. You can click on an extension here.

How does it work?

You need to create a helpdesk ticket to have your website(s) moved by us. This can be done by sending an e-mail to Please include the following information:

  • Which website(s) do you want to move to Versio?
  • To which web hosting or reseller hosting package at Versio do you want to move the website(s)?
  • Do you also want us to move your e-mails and e-mail addresses?
  • Send us the login details of the control panel of your current hosting provider.
  • If this concerns a WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento or other CMS, please also send the logins from the backend at admin level. This is to make sure the website can be tested by one of our employees after the transfer.
  • If you want us to move the domain name(s) for you as well, please also send the necessary transfer code(s).
  • If you do not want us to transfer the domain name, please send us the login details of the control panel where we can change the name servers of the domain name. If you want to change the name servers yourself, keep in mind that we cannot give a time in advance when the website relocation will be completed.

Please note: do not transfer the domain yourself before we have implemented the transfer of the files. Some hosting providers do not allow external domains. If something goes wrong, we can no longer link the domain back to the old hosting.

Are you no longer entitled to the free transfer service of your website because the period after purchasing your package has expired? Then we can still move your website(s) to Versio for €60 excluding VAT per hour. We charge at least 1 hour and round up to whole hours.

Additional terms

Don't you use DirectAdmin with your current hosting party? Then we can migrate the mail manually. Depending on your situation, we can determine whether costs are involved. We will of course inform you about this in advance.

The free transfer service does not apply to internal relocations or an upgrade.

The free transfer service only applies to hosting packages with a minimum period of 12 months.

We can perform a migration to a VPS free of charge, provided it has been purchased for at least 3 months and including a support contract. We will adopt the current package structure. We Without a support contract we charge €60 excluding VAT per hour.

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