Adjust the WHOIS of a domain name at Versio

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When the address and/or contact details of a domain name are no longer accurate, you can change the WHOIS/holder details. Below, we explain how this work.


How does it work?

You can do this in the Versio customer panel. Please login to the Versio customer panel. Then go to my products > domain names > overview > click on arrow behind domain > domain name holder. Here, you can adjust the holder details of the domain name.

The changes are processed real-time by our system. For some domain name extensions it may take longer for the changes to become visible. Changing the holder details is free for most extensions. Changing the domain namer holder details only costs money for .be and .nu domain names.

Changing the holder details of domain names with .uk or extensions can only be done via the website of Nominet. You can do so by logging in to the 'Online Services' at

Holder management

When you have multiple domains with the same holder, you can create a holder via my products > domain names > overview > holder management in the Versio customer panel, so that you don't have to provide the holder details for every individual domain, but can simply select the relevant holder and apply this to the domain.

After creating the holder, you can click my products > domain names > overview > select checkbox in front of domains > choose an action in the menu above the domain name list > change holder > continue > select holder and click button to submit . This allows you to link the holder you created to the domains you select.

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