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You have a good idea and want to start your own website. You enter your desired name into our domain check, but you find out it is already registered. You can recognize this by the transfer icon behind the domain name. What to do now?

How can I take over a domain name?

Fortunately, you can find out who registered your desired domain name. There are several ways to take over a domain. Below we explain, step by step, how a domain name takeover works.

1) Search the domain online

Before you move on to the next steps, it is wise to first do research into the domain. Is there a website running on this domain? Is this website actively used? Or is the domain only parked? If you type in the domain into your browser and you see a placeholder, for example Lorem Ipsum, or a “under construction notification”, then there is a good chance that you can take over this domain.

2) Find out who the owner is

The next step is to find out who owns the domain. You can check the WHOIS-information to find out. Most of the time you can find the contact details of the owner here. Below you find the most popular extensions. .nl domain names - SIDN .be domain names - DNS .eu domain names - Eurid .com, .net, .biz, .org, .info domain names - Icann .uk, .co.uk, .me.uk, .org.uk domain names - Nominet

If you can’t find the owner through one of these links, there is still another option. Type in Google: “domain name + WHOIS”. In most cases, one of the first search results will indicate the domain’s WHOIS page.

3) I can’t find the owner, what should I do?

No problem. In this case, you can search for the registrar via the WHOIS page. This is the provider that issued the domain name. You can contact the registrar to indicate that you would like to take over the domain. They can help you to get in touch with the owner of the domain.

4) Make an agreement with the owner

When you are in contact with the owner of the domain, and have agreed to take it over, it is important to make clear agreements with each other. You can use an intermediary for this. An intermediary, such as Escrow.com, can ensure money is only transferred when the domain is transferred successfully. This way, you are ensured to take over the domain safely.

5) The costs of a domain

The costs of a domain name takeover vary. An active domain name, which is actively used for a website, is often much more expensive than a parked domain. You can also look into the historical transactions of the domain via Namebio. These transactions can give you insights into the value of the domain.

6) Transferring the domain

You are at the last step now, hopefully the domain is almost yours! You can transfer a domain using a transfer code. You get this code from the current owner of the domain. We arrange the transfer for you, free of charge. Do you want to know how this works? Then read this article.

Hopefully you can take over your desired domain. If the domain name acquisition is difficult, you can also consider a domain name that resembles your desired one, or choosing a synonym. Weigh the pros and cons of the time and financial investment of the domain acquisition. Good luck!

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