Free domain transfers at Versio

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It is possible to transfer your .nl, .nu or .se domain name to Versio for free. We’ll adopt the expiration date as known to the registry. A transfer doesn’t mean the domain will be extended for free. You’ll find more info on the mentioned extensions below.


Transfer a .nl domain for free

When you want to transfer your .nl domain name to Versio, you can add this to your shopping cart through the domain check. You’ll need the transfer token for this. You'll see what the expiration date is after you transferred your domain name to Versio.

Please note: In some cases, the transfer is not free. This is the case when you have registered your .nl domain name that day. In this case, you’ll see a warning in your shopping cart that the transfer isn’t free. Besides this, it’s possible the expiration date you see in the shopping cart doesn’t correspond with the expiration date your current registrar is communicating. Hosting providers can extend a domain name with a maximum of one year, and can only extend this on the expiration date with SIDN. Your current registrar will extend the expiration date by a month, three months or twelve months. With the free transfer, we’ll take the expiration date from SIDN.

When we transfer your .nl domain name for free, we’ll charge the first registration costs of the .nl domain name at the first extension, instead of the extending costs. This is an extra discount to thank you for transferring your .nl domain name to Versio.

Transfer a .nu and .se domain for free

Transferring your .nu or .se domain name to Versio for free, is certainly recommended. At Versio, you’ll often pay half of the normal rates. Furthermore, we don’t have a minimum period of several years for these domain name extensions. Do you choose to transfer your .nu or .se domain name to Versio for free? A .nu or .se domain name can be extended for many years by the hosting company. We’ll take over the current expiration date of the domain name.

Do you want to know the expiration date of your .nu or .se domain name in advance? Do a WHOIS first. This is the website of the registry. You can check the official expiration date of your domain name over there.

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