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You want to start a website, and you want to gain as much traffic as possible of course. Therefore, choosing a good, catchy domain name is important. This ensures others remember your domain name easily. This makes finding your website easier.

Six tips to find the best domain name

Before you register your domain name, there are a number of points to keep in mind when choosing your domain name. We briefly explain these below.

1. Short and simple

To visit your website, a visitor types the domain name in his address bar. Therefore, try to keep your domain name short, and simple. Long, complicated domain names have a higher risk of typos. This is unfortunate, because this results in a visitor who can not reach your website. Therefore, choose a catchy, and powerful domain name that is easy to remember.

2. Recognizable

Try to find a unique domain name so your website is easily recognized and stands out. A unique domain name is easier to remember. Consider, for example, terms that match the industry of your company, puns or synonyms. Your domain name is your online brand name.

3. Easy to pronounce

Another point that you can take into account is the extent to which the domain name is easy to pronounce. A domain name that you can easily pronounce is better remembered. This also prevents typos.

4. Use of a keyword

Using a keyword in your domain name can be very useful. In this way, your website can be better found via Google. With the Google Keyword Planner you can search for relevant keywords that fit your website. You can use Google Trends to map which searches are popular in Google. When you have found relevant keywords, you can choose to include them in your domain name.

5. Choose the correct domain extension

When choosing a domain name, you can choose from different extensions. This is the part behind the “dot”. For example, you can choose a .eu address or a .com address. Think carefully about which extension best suits your website.

Unless your website is built for a specific purpose, for example informative, technical, or non-profit, it is recommended to choose a .com extension. The .com extension is one of the best-selling domain names. Many people automatically try “.com” at the end of a domain name when they type it in the address bar of a browser. On the other hand, this is also the most used extension. As many as 51% of all websites use the .com extension. Keep in mind that .com extensions are mainly used by companies that have an international character. Is your website focused on a specific country? Then it is better to use the extension of this country. For example, in the Netherlands this is the .nl extension.

6. My domain name is already registered. What should I do?

You came up with the perfect domain name, but it turns out that it has already been registered. You can find out if your domain name is free by entering the domain name in our domain name check. Fortunately, there are ways to become the owner of this domain. In this article you can read how to take over a domain name.

In addition, research the history of an existing domain name before purchasing it. Choosing an existing domain name can have both advantages and disadvantages. Domains with a good reputation in Google are already present in the search engine. This supports organic traffic. However, if the domain has previously been used for illegal activities, it can happen that it is blocked and therefore no longer appears in the search results. Therefore, think carefully about whether you want to register this domain name or not.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to consider when choosing the best domain name. Keep these guidelines in mind when registering your domain name. Good luck!

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