Create your own nameservers at Versio

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Many resellers want to create their own nameservers, such as and The easiest way to create your own nameservers is described below.


  1. Link your main domain name to your reseller hosting account 
  2. Login to DirectAdmin
  3. Your own nameservers via A-records

If you do not know how to do this, please read this article.

2. Login to DirectAdmin

Once you linked your main domain name, you can login to DirectAdmin, make sure you're at 'Reseller Level'. Scroll down, click 'Nameservers'. There, first select the domain name in the drop-down menu, check 'Virtual' and click 'Create'.

All new domain names you wish to link to your reseller account can use these nameservers. Please note that you should never change the nameservers of your main domain.

3. Your own nameservers via A-records

You can also create your own nameservers via the A-records of your domain name. Only do this if you know what you're doing. Via your customer panel at you can enable DNS management for a domain name, after which you can adjust the records to your liking.

After performing a DNS or nameserver change, there is a waiting period of max. 24 hours. All DNS and nameserver changes are real-time, however, it may last up to 24 hours (and sometimes even 48 hours) until the change has been implemented across the entire world wide internet. Versio does not control this process.

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