The importance of WordPress updates at Versio

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You have a good-looking website and you are proud of it. Sooner or later you will be notified when logging in that updates are available. A lot of website owners then do nothing with the update notifications and see that their website seems to be functioning well. Nevertheless, WordPress advises you to update your website. Why should you do that? We explain this to you below.


Your website is found better by Google

Users have a stronger preference for websites that load quick. This is important for the customer experience and ensures that your website keeps being visited. By updating your website, bugs that are visually invisible get solved. In addition, your website will be better ranked by Google if users get faster access to the information on your website.

Updating ensures your website is safe

WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System). Because it is Open Source system, it’s more susceptible for gaps in the security system. The WordPress community ensures that new updates are available to keep your website safe. That is why it is important to have the updates installed. Like fast websites, safe websites are also better ranked by Google. The most important thing for the security of your website is to provide a secure base and this starts with the hosting and a safe password.

Plug-ins and updates

WordPress updates are necessary for the security and speed of your website. However, updates may cause certain plug-ins to stop working. Developers of good plug-ins keep track of their plug-ins and update them. If this does not happen, we advise you to look for another plug-in. A good thing to do, is to look at the database of the plug-in. In the database you can see what kind of WordPress version works with the plugin.

More functions

The most common reason for updating your WordPress website are the extra features. The WordPress community is a fast moving community. If there are certain features that are frequently requested, then this features are built by the developers. These functionalities are often handy for a large group of users, including you.

Need help?

At Versio we have special WordPress hosting. With these web hosting packages you are sure of a very high speed of your website. Do you have a website hosted somewhere else, no problem. We can arrange the switch from your current website to the Versio WordPress website easily. Do you have any questions about WordPress hosting? Feel free to contact our support team.

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