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When creating a Cloud Server in the control panel you have to choose from several options. In this article, we will explain these options for you.

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Creating a new Cloud Server

Log in to the control panel and choose the Products & Services tab at the top. In the menu on the left, under Compute & Storage, choose Servers, then My Servers.


On the next page you will see your current active servers, and at the top-right the option + Create Server.

You can also directly follow this link to get to the right page: Create Server [link]

Operating System

At the time of writing we offer templates for the following operating-systems:

CentOS 7.6 Debian 10 Fedora 30 Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.04


Here you can choose between Standard or Highly Available storage. Standard means that the machine uses a local disk at the server for storage. Highly Available servers use Cloud Storage.

Highly Available server has two advantages over a Standard server: If there is a critical error with an SSD, this disk is taken out of circulation, and the data that was on it is will be redeployed in the cloud immediately. With a Standard server, this hard disk has to be replaced manually, and the data will be restored to the new disk. This proces is paired with downtime.

Also, if there is a critical error with a Hypervisor in the data center, a Highly Available server will be immediately redeployed. This is possible. because the data is available through Cloud Storage. For a Standard server, the relevant Hypervisor must be restarted.

As a rule, such downtime is low, but inevitable. Also, we strive to keep such downtime to a minimum.


Here you can specify the size of the machine. The number of CPU cores, RAM and the size of the storage space are directly linked.

Authentication Method

Here you choose the method which the root user of your VM can utilize to log in.

There are two different options, Password or SSH-key. The SSH-key option uses a pair of keys, of which you have a secret key on your computer, and a public key on the server. This way the server can authenticate you as a user without having to enter the Password.

Alternatively you can check the box to use a Password.


Here you can enter the desired hostname.

The hostname is the name by which a server can identify itself on the network. If you want to use the server with a domain, it is advised to enter the domain name here.

Advanced Options

These options are beyond this tutorial; if you have reached the point where you will need this options, your knowledge-level has grown beyond this tutorial.

When you have made a choice on all options, the button â€œCreate Server will turn green. Click it to immediately deply the new server. The price on this button is excluding VAT.

Note: The Server is now being deployed, and the Password is displayed once, even if you have set an SSH key. Save this password; if you lose this it is difficult to reset.

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